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The Negative impacts of Speeding – Environmental Perspective

Whenever we think of speeding, the first thing that usually comes to our mind is traffic accident. This is not surprising because the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) once reported speeding as the contributing factor to 50% of road accidents … Continue reading

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Why Environmental Education Should be Taken Every Where; Both Rural and Urban Areas

A lot goes on in many corners of Nigeria, environment wise.  Many people are unaware of the consequence of their actions on the environment. Two of the most common environmental atrocities being indulged in are cutting down trees and bush burning. … Continue reading

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#GoGreen2017: Some bad environmental practices to leave behind in 2016

What are your resolutions for 2017? For me, the previous year was one I dropped many practices that affect the natural functionality of the ecosystem and joined a campaign to raise the pitch on how only sustainable practices can guarantee our collective future and how so many practices we called ‘normal’ before are harming the environment. This year, I have pledged to do much more than I did in 2016. Continue reading

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Oil Spills, Insurgency and Nigeria’s ecosystem

Since the Nigerian civil war of 1967, Nigeria’s ecosystem is only suffering the next big anthropogenic attack at two main fronts; southern oil spill caused by pipeline vandalism and oil bunkering and the northern bomb blasts and gun violence caused … Continue reading

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Sachet Water Waste: A case of uncontrolled disposal

Like in many other West African countries, sachet water is one of the major sources of drinking water for a large part of the Nigerian population. Commonly called “pure water”, it is a supposedly treated water sold in polythene sachets consumed … Continue reading

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As the dry harmattan season relatively sets in in most parts of Nigeria, especially the northern parts, a practice which has since become an integral part of the traditional farming process called the slash-and-burn practice, which in other words, is … Continue reading

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The role of waste and renewable “Eco-businesses” in Nigeria’s economic diversification

The modern world is challenged by growing demands for energy resources to mitigate dynamic issues and solve diverse problems. In the quest to find solutions, different concepts and ideas have and are being developed among which is the “eco-business”.  The … Continue reading

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