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Abdulmumin holds a MSc in Geotechnical Engineering and is a practicing Civil Engineer. He is also the co-founder of Green Habitat, a registered NGO in Nigeria campaigning on environmental sustainability. He is quite well-rounded and with particular interests in governance, politics, environment and his trained engineering.

Why an Eye on the Environment Must be Kept as Nigeria Strives to Diversify its Economy

The prolonged drop in the global prices of crude oil and allied products has significantly changed the fortune of Nigeria and her economy which for decades relied majorly from their proceeds. A focused and purposeful government knows better than to … Continue reading

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Green Movies: Environmental Lessons on Home Theatre

For the environmentally conscious, it is quite as easy as falling off a log understanding the idea of anything green. It doesn’t necessary have to be described with a lush vegetation and landscape comprising beautification with flowers and trees. It … Continue reading

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