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Follow up on Nigeria’s Commitment to COP21 – The Implementation of NDC

It is almost two years since the international community adopted the historic climate deal at the 21st conference of parties (COP21) under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The primary goal of the Paris Agreement is to … Continue reading

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The Negative impacts of Speeding – Environmental Perspective

Whenever we think of speeding, the first thing that usually comes to our mind is traffic accident. This is not surprising because the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) once reported speeding as the contributing factor to 50% of road accidents … Continue reading

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Sachet Water Waste: A case of uncontrolled disposal

Like in many other West African countries, sachet water is one of the major sources of drinking water for a large part of the Nigerian population. Commonly called “pure water”, it is a supposedly treated water sold in polythene sachets consumed … Continue reading

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The Need for Efficient Drainage System in Nigerian Cities

As highlighted in my previous blogpost, drainage systems in most of Nigerian cities are bedeviled by multiple problems making them predominantly nonfunctional. This is seriously alarming in the light of the projected increase in the frequency of flood events across … Continue reading

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Why Drainages in Nigerian Cities Do Not Prevent Floods

In the current state of rapid urbanization rate around the world, functioning of infrastructure is necessary to ensure the wellbeing of residences in the cities. Drainage system is one of such structures whose failure can put a whole city on … Continue reading

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Time for Nigeria to look beyond Petroleum

Abundant natural resources in and around our planet have been the secret behind the survival of our species for millions of years. Some resources that are known from the antiquity, specifically iron and coal, paved way for industrial revolution as … Continue reading

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Do the Religions Support Environment and Biodiversity Conservation?

My first encounter with the members of the Jain religion was at the Nehru Planetarium in Delhi last year. It was a group of about ten family members including two children who were all dressed in white and had their … Continue reading

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