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Noise in Nigerian Cities: Health Effects and Solutions

Noise is a major characteristic of cities especially in the developing world. Nigeria is not an exception.  Major cities like Lagos, Kano, Port Harcourt, Aba and Onitsha have played important roles in the development of Nigeria’s economy and generated a … Continue reading

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Oil Spills, Insurgency and Nigeria’s ecosystem

Since the Nigerian civil war of 1967, Nigeria’s ecosystem is only suffering the next big anthropogenic attack at two main fronts; southern oil spill caused by pipeline vandalism and oil bunkering and the northern bomb blasts and gun violence caused … Continue reading

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The role of waste and renewable “Eco-businesses” in Nigeria’s economic diversification

The modern world is challenged by growing demands for energy resources to mitigate dynamic issues and solve diverse problems. In the quest to find solutions, different concepts and ideas have and are being developed among which is the “eco-business”.  The … Continue reading

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