Re-cap: One Environment Hybrid + EU Climate Diplomacy Week

From the Monday the 3rd of July to the 8th of July, an Environment festival took place in the city of Abuja. The festival is an advocacy push to protect our precious environment presented through art exhibitions, workshops, seminars, presentations and film screenings by notable speakers and organizations. Much of the events of the festival took place at the British Council with a few taking place at the Embassy of Germany, House 33, Thought Pyramid Art Centre and elsewhere.

One Environment Hybrid is a composition of different organizations with different missions but who have solemnly agreed to come under one voice and speak for the need for environmental conservation and protection. Founded and co-curated by Artist Ifesinachi Comedy Nwanyanwu of House 33, One Environment is celebrating its 2nd annual festival. Due to the unity and support for environment, One Environment fused together with the European Union in Nigeria to celebrate its climate diplomacy week.


Organizing team of One Environment + EU Climate Diplomacy Week

There were different art exhibitions staged at the British Council and the Thought Pyramid Art Centre. The exhibitions on display at the British Council were images of the environmental degradation of the Niger Delta and artwork made from used material (plastics and other trash). Different speakers spoke about the needs for recycling, cleaner fuels, innovations in environmental sustainability, conservation of our parks, affordable homes, etc.

Award winning documentary of Leonardo DeCaprio’s Before the Flood was filmed at the British Council. Another film, Demain, shot by French Filmmakers was also aired at the German Embassy.

On Friday, the voice was taken out to Baze University, where different speakers addressed the students on different issues concerning youth development and environmental sustainability. Green Habitat was fortunate to be represented and its Director, Sadiq Gulma spoke to the students on the role of youths in driving regional innovation that solves environmental challenges. Thereafter, Green Habitat facilitated a workshop on how to create innovations at the British Council.

The week concluded by a session hosted by the Head of Programmes at Channels Television, on environmental journalism together with other journalists.

Even though the festival ended, more sessions will be organized by different member organizations of the One Environment throughout the year before the third One Environment Festival in 2018. For up to date activities happening in the environment sector in Abuja, follow our Facebook Page here. To see the full schedule of what has transpired, please visit

Blog written by Sadiq.

Behrendt & Rausch Fotografie

Sadiq Abubakar Gulma steers the organizational mission of GHI as the Chief Director. He is a member of the Green Talents International Forum for High Potentials in Sustainable Development, a LEED accredited professional and has a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering. His research interest and work lie in investigating and improving the thermal conditions of urban built environments. Follow him on Twitter @SadiqGulma

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